louis poulsen toldbod 120

louis polsen lamp
Louis Poulsen’s Toldbod 120 pendant light comes in 5 new colors. The colour scheme is named Northern Lights. The colours were found in the Scandinavian landscape. Attempts were made at visualising fields, shores, skies and flora in the beautiful and delicate shades, the strong and effective nuances, in clean and bold colours. As a design element, the fixtures are adorned with coloured cables in daring contrasts underpinning the colour combinations of nature.

Misty Blue is inspired by the budding dawn and combined with a mauve cable, Black Berries is black and inspired by the blackberry bush with berries and stalks or leaves, therefore the green cable. Yellow Blossom draws inspiration from the beautiful yellow nuances of the dandelion and the combination with a white cable lends a particular freshness to the fixture. The clouds inspired Cloudy White, which gives a breath of fresh air to any interior design with its turquoise cable. Grey Thunder, mat and rustic, was inspired by a rape field during a thunderstorm, with the obvious yellow cable. I like how this modern lamp fits into this somewhat rustic interior (image above). Simplicity is one of the keys to Toldbod’s unique adaptability to any style and architecture!

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