children’s drawings as art

kids drawings as art
Children’s drawings are great to give some colour to your home. I love this idea of displaying drawings!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to hang my boyfriend’s art…which is very similar to children’s art.

  2. I love this! Great way to dress up my white walls!

  3. Very sweet. My sister-in-law has a similar display in her house. It’s a chic but creative display that adds an innocent charm to her kitchen.

  4. too cute – we have one in our kitchen as well – much better than the usual slap-on-the-fridge-with-an-ugly-magnet!

  5. Beautiful idea, beautiful result !

  6. Very sweet idea! Gorgeous way to make the kiddos proud.

  7. Does anyone know where to get the cable and accessories to do this. I tried doing a search but I don’t know what it is called.

  8. cute cute cute! and a great way to incorporate your children’s artwork in a modern way without feeling junkie.

  9. Shelly,

    The cable and accessories used in this picture are actually from IKEA. The cable is called DIGNITET, you can see it here ( It is used to hang curtains but of course you can use it for various things.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this, I think its a fabulous idea & neat way to display kids art.

  11. this is so simple yet soooooo beautiful!

  12. Love this idea! Thank you danielle for sharing the link.

  13. I’m loving this idea for a while now. I must do something with it. In the meantime my 9 yr old fills my desk with her drawings. I own about seven hundred of her paintings 😀
    I better get to it now.

  14. Hi! I would like to link a picture of your idea for children’s art on my blog. I am writing a post about what to do with all of your kid’s masterpieces. I will be posting it for the parents at my school (K-6) to see. I would of course, link back to your blog.

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  16. Are they just normal paper clips used? hard to see in pic! LOVE the idea…thanks!!!

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  19. where do you get the clips used with the cable? love it! excited to get my daughter’s artwork up!

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  23. Hi Danielle, I just wanted to let you know that this idea of kids art display is one of my favorites. I loved it so much that I decided to feature it in one of my posts. To see it simply follow this link:

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  25. I was wondering where you got the clips from? Such a cute idea!

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