wallpaper is not just for walls

You can do more with wallpaper than just cover your walls with it! In the picture below framed wallpaper functions as a piece of art. In the image above blue wall paper with a flower pattern is used for the inside of a closet. I thing that the shoe wallpaper from Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson would be very suitable for this.
(I believe that these images are from Domino)

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the wallpaper in the closet! It’s a brilliant idea for spicing up a rather boring area. I am taking note…I might have to do something similar in the future.

  2. Love the wallpaper framed behind the sofa. I love the concept.

  3. I love the idea of wallpapering a closet – just not the idea of having to empty the closet first!!!

  4. Wonderful! The first image has such incredible color, texture and lightness. Framing a large portion of the wall like that is a nice way to dress up the wall without having to go out and purchase one large or several things to fill it. We have the same issue in our family room, and I will keep this idea in mind!

    Thanks for the inspiration~

  5. I am loving all the modern uses of modern wallpaper. So innovative, so many bursts of beautiful colours and patterns!

    I used to work as a picture framer, and more and more often people were framing lovely bits of wallpaper and wrapping paper to hang on their walls.

  6. i am in LOVE with that wallpapered closet! so gorgeous. xo j

  7. Total swoon over the closet! I would feel 1000 times better about my tiny closet if it had this beautiful paper in it!

  8. This is really gorgeous. What a wonderful idea.

    It all looks so summery and cheery~


  9. Incase anyone is interested the wallpaper pattern shown in the first photograph is Cole & Son New Contemporary Cow Parsley (66-7051) 🙂

  10. My wardrobe would never be that organised. But I love the idea. Great Post.

  11. Thanks, Will for the information on the first wallcovering. And thanks, Robin for posting @RobinBaron so I could find these great photos. I do love all the fresh new approaches in wallcovering. Have you seen Ronald Redding’s new books? To die for!

  12. Love love love these ideas! I’m getting overly inspired. I think the closet idea would be awsome in a coat closet for guest coats!

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  14. Austin Owens

    Adorable idea!!!

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