summer inspiration

it is raining here in The Netherlands and summer seems far away. I wish I was still in France.. In stead some beautiful pictures of sunny places.

The photos are from the portfolio of Nicholas Matheus, a photographer who has worked for various magazins.

(images by Nicholas Matheus)

8 Responses to summer inspiration

  1. It’s been rainy here in Toronto as well 🙁 But these photographs are just inspirational.

  2. I do hope you will get a little bit of sunshine in The Netherlands soon since you seem to be missing it so… I visited Amsterdam a few years back and fell in love with it…it seemed like a place of perfect details…everywhere you looked, there was a carefully crafted detail waiting to be acknowledged. I hope to go back sometime….

  3. The light is simply magnificent. Wish I was there…

  4. I would love a nest made of lovely pillows to lounge around on outside.

  5. I just came back from Antwerp, and it was the coldest July I’ve ever experienced (and I’m from north of Norway!). But it was beautiful, and dutch was quite weirdly easy to understand for us norwegians:)

  6. Those floor cushions are to die for, I’d love a few of those in my home!

  7. Oh my god, this is so beautiful! I could spend the whole summer at a place like that.

  8. Mmmmmm…delicious and summery!

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