a summer house on panarea, italy

Hello my friends! I just came back from a wonderful holiday in the Provence (France). The weather was beautiful, the landscape gorgeous and the food & wine were delicious. Now I am having a hard time getting back in the swing of things!

As I am still in the holiday mood, today some pictures of a summer house located on Panarea, Italy. Panarea is the second smallest of the eight Aeolian Islands, a volcanic island chain north of Sicily. There are currently about 280 residents living on the island year-round; however the population increases dramatically in summer with the influx of tourists. In recent years, the island has become known internationally for its celebrity visitors.

I love the simple decor. And isn’t that view gorgeous? Sigh, I want to go on holiday again!

(images by Adriano Bachella)

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  • I have been scouring the internet for someone to translate the idea I have of a perfect vacation location into some visual imagery. I think I just found it! My blood pressure drops just looking at this. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • here in the states, most people shy away from painting in such bright colors like cobalt blue…wish we had more adventurous decorating here…i love the look…thanks for sharing..

  • Hi there,
    we are still looking for a house to rent in Panare – end of july/beginning of august….this place looks really lovely…is it possible to rent for one week?
    Best, Katrin