house on filicudi with faint pink walls

This typical Eolian house has beautiful faint pink / orange walls. It will not be a surprise for regular readers that this house is also located on the island of Filicudi, Italy. For the rooms a delicate palette of colors has been used.

(images by Adriano Bachella)

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  1. Would like to comment that I am in the midst of renovating my house and looking at your site gives me some inspiration on color tones and themes that I can use. I am currently going for a country looking theme for my house ( BTW I am from Malaysia ) and need lots of ideas! Thks for sharing…

  2. Hello, nice pic…
    i can try to convince you to pass me some contacts for a rent a house like this in Filicudi for this summer. Please have you some contacts for me?
    Thank you very much. i love this style.
    Waiting…as soon as possible…my vacation already start =)
    Thank’s a lot


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