casa elena on formentera

It has been raining here for the past few days and I’m wishing that I was on a sunny island. High on my list is the Spanish island Formentera where this stunning house is located. Formentera, close to the more lively island Ibiza, is known for its many pristine beaches.

The images are shot by photographer Jordi Canosa. Jordi works for several magazines, including Spanish magazine Habitania which unfortunately is not available in The Netherlands.

The decoration is sober but stylish which fits the house really well. Of course the best feature of the house is that gorgeous view on the sea.

All the houses photographed by Jordi are styled by his wife Daniela Cavestany.

Isn’t that hammock on the terrace (images below) inviting?

(images by Jordi Canosa / styled by Daniela Cavestany)

10 Responses to casa elena on formentera

  1. wow, I love it. Very mediterranean, very Balearic! What a pace to spend some quality time!

  2. Hi! this is the perfect beach house

  3. I lived in Mallorca for 7 yrs and travelled the Island whilst I was there…this post pulls at my heart strings, I love the way the architects over there were clever and encorporated shelving into walls and stairs which felt a part of the wall…beautiful, and your blog is a marvelous place to stop and travel…even if it is only on the net!
    Thanks for sharing Formantera!

  4. love the site… inspirations are everywhere..

    keep up the great work..

  5. I have wanted to go to Formantera for such a long time (especially today with this british summer heavy rain we are having!).

    you always find such lovely houses.


  6. Can I be teleported there now please? It looks so inviting – sparse but comfortable. Good for the mind and soul, I’m sure.

  7. This is so beautiful!! just the perfect holidays house well I could make it my permanent resident.

  8. is this house for rent?

  9. Gorgeous! Is this a private home or can it be rented? Interested.

  10. I am in love……….thank you for the inspiration and now I will dream…….

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