the island of filicudi, italy

Let’s travel to the island of Filicudi, Italy, to see another gorgeous shade of blue. Filicudi is one of eight islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago, situated 20-30 miles northeast of the island of Sicily.

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  1. Oh Danielle, this pale blue is gorgeous…I’m currently in France doing some work in our first house and I keep pausing from my painting duties to get inspiration from my fav bloggers….
    great find

  2. Stunning pictures again 🙂 I almost feel a breeze blowing from these photos.

  3. this is gorgeous! I just love that shade of blue.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It just reminded me that I need to renew my passport so I can jet off to such a gorgeous location when the time arises.

  5. These are so beautiful and relaxing. And that fixture in the first photo is divine. Definitely wouldn’t mind being there right about now.

  6. oh that blue is breathtaking.

  7. Truly breathtaking – I would so love to take a vacation here…

  8. love this shade of blue…especially at the stairs and the door – soooo beautiful! I have falle in love now! :o)

  9. so refreshing and light!! what i wouldn’t give to be there RIGHT NOW.

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