amsterdam: noordermarkt (farmers market)

I am off to the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam this morning to get some delicious things for our bbq this weekend. This weekly organic farmers market is one of the gastronomic delights of Amsterdam! For food lovers travelling to Amsterdam, this is an experience that should not be missed.

The farmers market is located on the Noordermarkt, a delightful square nestled between the Westerstraat and the Prinsengracht in the heart of the very charming Jordaan quarter.

Specialist stalls carry an array of organic produced food: cheese, bread, vegetables, meat and flowers & plants of the season. There is a stall with the most delicious sausages, another stall has a stunning display of mushrooms and at another stall you can sample some delicious smoked mozzarella.

Over 30 stall holders arrive every Saturday before dawn to set up shop and they continue until 16:00. Around the market there are several nice cafes where can have a lovely cup of coffee.

Some historical background: the market has began in 1987 when Adri Vallentin, then owner of the popular café called Winkel on the Noordermarkt, has setup nine biological food stalls, hoping to draw more clients on Saturday morning to his café. Today is it is very popular market, small but lively, with an unique atmosphere.

The Noordermarkt is held every Saturday between 09:00 – 16:00. Enjoy!

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  • danielle,
    what a coincidence. last night, my husband and i were watching a movie called ‘body of lies’ with leonardo dicaprio. in the movie, noordermarkt was bombed. so, i was thinking, ‘hey, i’ve been to amsterdam 3x but never to this market.’ what a surprise this morning to find your post about it!! next time i’m in town, noordermarkt is top on my list!

  • Hello Jen, What a coincidence! The Noordermarkt is great. It is not big but there are some great stalls. We purchased some wonderful bread and cheeses today!