deep blue

I’m not feeling blue but I must say that I love these blue colours that I have been seeing lately. The image above is from the portfolio of photographer Luis Albuquerque. Isn’t that a gorgeous shade of blue?!

The image above and below were found on Decorology.

The blue colour on the wall is just gorgeous. I’m also loving the other jewel tones in this Swedish interior.

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I found the images above..

8 Responses to deep blue

  1. So vibrant and alive! I don’t decorate with jewel tones personally, but I do love the look in others’ homes. Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  3. Totally love that color scheme. It’s very bold – I don’t know if I could live in it but I can sure appreciate it!

  4. Love that rich blue – reminds me of a living room in an old Tricia Guild book that I always pined after; thanks for sharing this! Gorgeous.

  5. the colors are so cute!

  6. Happy weekend to you all! Glad you like this post.

  7. Hi there ,the pix you “forgot where the are”
    …2 of them (one with the bunny & the great turquoise chairs)are from the interiors of the Austrailan (designer of Medusa & Brad nagata salon fame)architect….Scott Weston (SWAD)
    as always….looooove the blog…
    greetings from Japan….

  8. Love the jewel tones- especially the blue/purple/gold combo!

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