a stunning home in the lombardy region, italy

I hope you’ll love this house as much as I do! “Creativity, a passion for simplicity, and dedication to the reclamation and re-use of materials, combined with unusual and individual treatments and processes, make ordinary objects extraordinary” is the motto of furniture maker and interior designer Katrin Arens, the owner of this gorgeous house in the Lombardy region, in Italy.

Katrin has made the furniture in her house herself. And good news, her beautiful furniture pieces are also for sale. Each piece is unique and handmade, using materials reclaimed; from derelict country houses, from cellars, and from carpentry studios.

Katrin: “The pieces themselves are as rich in history as they are clear in design – histories which are concealed beneath surfaces with strange shapes, patterns and scars. Thorough craftsmanship and treatments using traditional techniques give the pieces both a smooth finish and an enigmatic feel, exuding long-forgotten colours and scents”. I am in love with that kitchen!

The images below make me want to move to Italy NOW.

(images by J. Canosa)

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