piet boon’s caribbean beach house

Last week I posted about a beach house designed by Piet Boon. Today’s post features Piet Boon’s own house on the island of Bonaire. The house designed by the man himself of course.

Also for this house a lot of natural materials have been used. Like in most Caribbean houses, the wind through the open windows works as a natural air conditioner.

Sigh … look at the colour of the ocean!

(images from Piet Boon)

8 Responses to piet boon’s caribbean beach house

  1. Stunning! Although I think you could set a cardboard box down on that beach I’d say the same thing.

  2. That might be one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen!!!

  3. Wow – that view is simply amazing!

  4. Gorgeous. Can I please live on that patio? Also, the red border on the bed coverlet is beautiful.

  5. I love the fourth photo with a huge umbrella. Beautifully designed beach house.

  6. wow, what an amazing house. Beautiful setting and great interior design.

  7. I’m happily surprised! I”m the kind of type who likes lot’s of accessories and color in my house. Besides Piet Boon is a great designer he is not the first thing I’m looking for but these pictures are really lovely!

  8. ouch! That is just too perfect!!

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