another gorgeous house on formentera

As so many of you loved the house on Formentera that I featured last week, today another house on this beautiful island. I hope you’ll enjoy this post as well!

Like Christina’s home, also this house has that unique, rustic charm.

The house is owned by a lady named Ingrid, who apparently has good taste and an eye for detail.

This kitchen (image above) proves that you don’t need to have a lot of luxury items to have a stunning kitchen. It is simply gorgeous! I am also loving the outdoor areas (images below).

(images by Jordi Canosa)

15 Responses to another gorgeous house on formentera

  1. A stunner. Always nice to see how people can combine the very old with touches of the new. Seems like a pretty good renovation but still feels true to the location.

    For me, a photographer, shooting there would be, as they say here in the US, like shooting fish in a barrel.

  2. I love the elements of wood and stone side-by-side. It looks like it would be so cool and refreshing, even in summer.

  3. I love the soothing palette! This is the kind of island living I am pining for!

  4. Gorgeous! I wish I could live here!

  5. Oh, my dream house! I love everything about it!

  6. This house is stunning! The kitchen has to be my favourite room though. What a fantastic find, thanks for sharing!

  7. You have to stop posting pictures of these gorgeous houses – I’m so jealous! I love the color palette and all of the details. :sigh: Dream house.

  8. Love the kitchen!! The pristine white plaster against the weathered wood boards underneath….perfect!

  9. I love Jordi Canosa’s photography so much. It’s so organic and rustic. I’d love to live in this house!

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  11. thank you so much

    jordi canosa

  12. this house in formentera makes me to really consider to go back home (Gran Canaria) to live by the sea in a very simple and beautiful white house.
    I will come back for inpiration and dream about my house in the islands.

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