table for sale

When moving in together Ivar and I had a lot of furniture that we did not need anymore. We have kept them in storage for months but have now decided to sell them. Most of our furniture have been sold this weekend through Marktplaats (= Dutch Craig’s list). I had never expected that things would sell that fast (within 24 hours!). We are also selling this unique table featured in the image above. When posting this image on the style files last year many of you commented how much you liked the table. So for those loving the table and living in The Netherlands (the table can not be shipped) I would like to give you heads up that this table is for sale (starting price is 300 euro). You can send me an email (danielledelange at gmail) if you’re interested. The four white chairs (Danish design) are also for sale by the way.

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  • Oh, how I wished I lived in the Netherlands! I would snap that table up in a heart beat!

    Love your site and store. Great inspiration!

  • It’s so fun that your boyfriend’s name is Ivar (I actually had to take a peek at his blog to see if he was Norwegian). This name is not so much used in Norway these days; people pick foreign names instead of the traditional Norse ones…

  • Deco Detective, we have been told that the name Ivar means ‘warrior with wooden bow’. I am not sure if this is correct, do you? We have some ‘Ivars’ here in The Netherlands but it is not a common name. Too bad that the traditonal Norse names aren’t that popular anymore!