amsterdam: bakery niemeijer

It is time for another Amsterdam post! The best bakery in Amterdam is Gebr. Niemeijer. Perhaps it’s even the best bakery in The Netherlands! I often travel 30 minutes just to get their delicious bread.

What makes their bread so special? They get their flour from an organic windmill in France and they use a special French oven to bake their breads. Everything is delicious but I especially like their croissants, baguettes, French pastries and their homemade jam. Address: Nieuwendijk 35, Amsterdam.

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  1. love reading your posts and decided to leave a comment.
    i love bread and feel quite envious of you having this amazing bakery only 30min away!

    i’ve never been to amsterdam but will pass this address onto my friends who have reciently moved to your part of the world.

  2. yum! looks both delicious and beautiful.

  3. That brioche is calling my name!!

  4. If I’m ever so lucky to visit the netherlands I’ll be sure to stop here, that bread looks DIVINE.

  5. oh my! i have been looking at so much beautiful stuff, but wow, I want to sample it all. Why can’t a bakery in Chicago buy a traditional special oven from France?

  6. It is a good bakery, but the best?? I really thing Hartog is better, more diverse..
    Just visit

  7. Bread is my favourite food by far!!! I’ve been to Amsterdam before but not to this bakery, It’s now on my list of places to visit, Thanks!

  8. I wish to know about this unique bakery there at Dutch

  9. I wish to know more about this unique bakery there at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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