white walls

This interior is very simple but there is something about these white walls, combined with those fun vintage fabric cushions. This stunning image makes me think about summer houses. Must post more gorgeous summer houses later this week!

(image from the portfolio of Debi Treloar)

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  1. Hi Daan,

    I am glad you are back!
    Your posts are my must read!

    I wanted to ask you, if you have any idea about window dressings, speak curtains, blinds? Colours (white, coffee for bedroom?) ? Material (linnen, shiny)? and hanging systems.


  2. Hi
    Lovely..simply lovely..
    Do you know what color white on walls?

  3. lovely room.
    I especially love the pom pom detail at the edge of the blanket.

  4. Welcome back Danielle! Let’s hope those crazy hosting problems are over.

    I love the calming nature of this room. I am a bit color-obsessed, but it’s nice to have a break from that sometimes.

    Take care,

  5. Love this space. I could spend the whole summer here reading.

  6. I am a white wall person. This photo makes my day!

  7. Aren’t those white walls gorgeous?!

    Sue, I think the colour white is (or is close to) RAL 9010.

  8. They remind me of Greece!

  9. hello, i didn’t realized you owned le souk? i’m interested in buying stuff, but not just yet…we have been going through a messay 20-month long home reno, which we hope will finish in a few more months!! but, i just wanted to let you know that i’m glad to have found your store. will definitely look into purchasing exotic lamps, especially after my recent trip to Marrakech!!

  10. It’s a delightful room, the vintage cushions make me think of childhood summers in the 1970’s…

  11. Thanks Jen for your kind words about Le Souk. The new lamps are gorgeous, they are made in an authentic way but have a modern design. I have bought some for our new house. Will post some pics as soon as they are hanging (we still have a million things to do … the list is endless).

  12. I love the pillows against the white wall! Stunning!

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