a gorgeous london home

Judging from the carpet in the image above, you might have guessed that this gorgeous house is located in the UK, in London to be precise.

Every space in this house is just beautiful. The rooms are large and filled with light.

All rooms are decorated with antique and curious objects.

The Aga stove (image above)! give a cosy vibe to the kitchen.

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  1. I especially love the lamp post in the entrance, a perfect touch!

  2. I love their living room! the beautiful chair, table and ram’s head beside the fireplace!!

  3. I love that stove! It’s such a unique touch to that kitchen.

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous home. Those painted floors are to die for!

  5. I’ve been wanting the Vivienne Westwood rug (the Union Jack) for sooo long… It’s perfect in that room.

  6. Gorgeous home indeed!

    -The Office Stylist

  7. I love that rug, too. It looks great in that room.

    I’ve got a very long thread running on Facebook amongst my designer and artist friends. The subject started out with the question – why do creative types wear black and has now morphed into why we prefer our homes to be white. So it made me laugh to see just what we were talking about here.

    We all kind of agree that white is great because you can put the color in the accessories, which enables you to change your look really quickly.

    But I will admit that I just painted my entrance hall a deep blue-violet (Benjamin Moore’s Scandinavian Blue). It’s bsaically purple. I love it!

  8. Love this, very different and not really my style, but gorgeous!!

  9. I love the Union Jack Carpet, but then again, I lived in London for four years, so I miss it….Think it’s by The Rug Company. Great post btw, as always:) Keep up the inspiring posts:)

  10. Those floors, that fireplace…stunning!

  11. You are right with your comments. cheers.

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