the style files is back!

I’m happy and relieved that the style files is back in the air (thanks to Ivar!). I’ve been having problems with hosting party Dreamhost. A few months ago they told me that I needed a private server to solve the downtime problems. I have been paying lots of money for a private server but the problems remained. Then Dreamhost told me that I needed to buy additional resources which I did but this didn’t not help either. So after spending lots of money the style files was still not working properly. Dreamhost could not figure out what the problems was and weren’t very helpful. I have now transferred to a different hosting company (Lunarpages) and gladly most problems have been solved. There are still a few minor things I have to work on such as all the missing links in my blogroll. I will put the links back in the next few days. Anyway, I am glad to be back!

Are you enjoying your weekend? It is a warm day here (again) and I have been working in the garden all day. Now I’m longing for a bath. The one in the image above is perfect for today’s weather!

(image from Twig Tutchinson’s portfolio)

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