our house: shady tree light

Another peek into our new house: above our wooden dining table (made from recycled wood that is over 100 years old) we have two Shady Tree ceiling lamps from Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus. This beautiful lamp, which is available from online shop POAA, has a large translucent shade that is white on the outside. When the light is turned on a forest scene printed on the inside is revealed.

7 Responses to our house: shady tree light

  1. I love it! I’m also envious of your table. There’s nothing like a piece of furniture that comes with a past life 🙂

  2. That is a sweet lamp!

  3. Bought 2 shades, love them!!

  4. LOVE the lamp, and your great blog… glad I found you!

  5. Lovely interior!!!The lamp is gorgeous!!

  6. oooh love it! i saw this light in a video house tour on vt wonen a while back and was looking for it everywhere! thanks for links x

  7. Does anyone know how many watts the Filisky Little Pear light is?

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