a lovely guesthouse in france

This summer I will be travelling to France. In my search for lovely places to stay I found this gorgeous maison d’hotes (guest house) which I would like to share with you. La Bergerie de Feline, a former 19th century barn, is located in an area called La Drôme (it not far from Lyon).

All rooms are decorated with great taste: modern furniture and accessories are combined with tradional elements.

The bergerie is situated on a hillside offering stunning views on the surroundings. Click here for more information (the website is in French).

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  1. Oh my goodness. LOVE. I am infatuated with countryside homes in France. I love the mix of modern and traditional elements here!

  2. How gorgeous. I’m headed out that way in a couple of weeks – I wish I had time for a couple of nights here!

  3. I agree this guest house is gorgeous but as a French woman, I can tell you that “la Drôme” is not close to Bordeaux ! it’s an area located above Provence 😉
    and the style and architecture of this house are typical from this region.

  4. I am fighting off huge pangs of envy. What a lovely place and you are so lucky to being going to France!

  5. Hi Danielle, I know someone who knows someone… who runs this place: http://gite.la.passerelle.free.fr/us/

    I have never been, but the area is nice and although not as posh as the place you featured, I think the house still looks good…

    Have a nice holiday in France!

  6. Love the natural lighting coming through in the second image. Beautiful !

  7. Violaine, thank you for your suggestion. This is very kind of you. The place looks wonderful!

  8. oh, yes yes yes please! this looks SO soothing and beautiful!! lord, i need a vacation…

  9. WOW! Just wonderful 🙂

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