vanessa’s bruno paris apartment

This beautiful pastel coloured apartment belongs to French fashion designer Vanessa Bruno. The apartment, located in the historical Marais area in Paris, dates from 1650 and originally served as a carriage house for King Louis XIV and his hunting parties

I have earlier posted about this apartment (you can find this post here) but found these gorgeous large images that I wanted to share with you. I am loving that Finn Juhl sofa by the way!

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  • Oh… Now I really want to paint my apartment white. You’re right, these pictures are gorgeous, so I can understand that you wanted to do another post! I love how she plays with shapes; both in the couch/chair and the lamp/vases/floor cushion!

  • Her apartment has been featured in a couple of magazines but the styling is different each time. That makes the space look interesting. I love her apartment and never get tired of seeing it again and again.

  • Wow. I love the light. And the soft lavender. And the Finn Juhl (can’t get enough of him 🙂 ). Thank you.

  • I love the butterfly chair. I really need to stop admiring and just go get one for myself

  • i was just wondering if this actually is Vanessa Bruno’s apartment in these 2 above pics….if you have a look at the earlier pics you posted back in 2008 there is floor boards then, not parquetry as in the above & the window shape is different also. Just really curious myself as I have used the above pic many times over as inspiration……maybe she moved home & kept the same colour pallette 🙂
    ….curiosity will kill this cat 😉