amsterdam: marqt

I am happy to know that a lot of you have used my Amsterdam guide for a visit to Amsterdam. In addition to this guide I will be featuring a shop, restaurant, cafe or another place of interest in Amsterdam every week. I start off with Marqt, a great shop that I visited this weekend. Marqt is a new type of shop where you can buy food directly from the farmer, producer and maker. You can always choose a variety of fresh and high quality food from seafood, meat, vegetables, cheese and breads that are sold by the local producers. The food they sell here is mainly organic.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I love everything about this market: they sell the most delicious food, the interior is very stylish, the packaging of the products is beautiful.. and I can go on. We bought some beautiful asparagus from the south of Holland, super fresh organic eggs, creamy butter and delicious ham from a local farmer. That will be a great meal tonight! Address: Overtoom 21. They will be opening another shop (located at the Rembrandtplein) very soon.

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  • This shop is so reminds me of the Dean and Deluca shop in Saks, NY city. Lovely, lovely, why dont we have some of these in Copenhagen??

  • Whoa. Thank you so much! I’m studying abroad in Amsterdam next fall and need places to go and see over the semester. Keep updating. I’m excited to see what one of my favorite bloggers suggests about the city.

  • I love seeing this! I’m from Amsterdam and can’t resist hitting Marqt almost every day. Food-shopping was never this much fun. I always leave with a smile (and way too much fresh food).

  • i am a die hard market fan. how is the prices in Marqt, it this something a budget housewife can afford? thanks!

  • Don’t buy fish at Marqt, here’s why:

    We bought seabass there, we had a number of issues with this fish:
    – it was sold to us as being really fatty fish, which it is not, it is only medium fatty
    – we were sold two fish, for two persons, even after insisting that we thought that one would be enough for the two of us
    – the fish was improperly stripped: about 1/3rd of the scales still remained and there were some intestines left
    – we couldn’t smell it in the supermarket, but the fish had a bad odour, we threw the fish out because of this as we didn’t want to take the risk of getting sick
    – we payed 16 euro’s for this, thinking it would really be worth the money…

    This was the second time we bought fish here and also the second time that it wasn’t fresh.