a renovated barn in the provence

Today I take you to the Provence, a region in France that I will be visiting this summer (can’t wait!). This barn, which was recently featured in Cote Sud and in Inside Out magazine, has been renovated by a New Zealand couple.

The owners very well managed to keep authenticity while introducing materials, colors and modern furniture. Various modern furniture pieces can be found through the house.

Through the windows, there is a beautiful view of the garden with cypress, rosemary and fields of lavender.

Also the fabulous kitchen is a mix of old and new. The wooden kitchen tops are covered with a thin layer of resin to imitate concrete.

I love that stone wall in the bedroom. The sink in the bathroom (image below) is from Villeroy & Boch, the faucet from Hansgrohe faucet and the shelves are from Ikea.

(images by Cote Sud)

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  1. This house is great isn’t it? I think I remember seeing it in Elle Decor a while back too. Those stairs are great and I love the kitchen. The couple have a nice story to tell.

  2. This house is a dream!!!!!

  3. I LOVE the stone walls, and the whole design! The front door, the staircase, and that glass door into the living area. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Just one word. Wow!

  5. this is amazing! I love it!!!

  6. I remember seeing this wonderful place in Living etc last year. It’s great to see some more pictures of it…especially of the exterior…beautiful…I’m sure you will have a lovely time in Provence!

  7. I was also blown away by this home when I read the article in Cote Sud. The kitchen design is based on a clever use of mat and shiny, of old and new.

  8. I checked and this house was also featured in the August 2008 issue of Living etc

  9. Oh, you’ll have a great summer in Provence. It was one of my best trips ever!

  10. So painfully beautiful. Painful because it’s not mine…

  11. Does anyone know how to apply resin to the wood like they did on their countertops? What kind of resin do you use…how do you mix color with it? Any input would help me- I’m re-doing my kitchen right now and I love their countertops! Please help!

  12. wow. what an amazing contrast with the old stone and wood, and modern furniture. gorgeous!

  13. I saw this house in elle decoration, it’s stunning, I love the old stone with the new glass doors.

  14. The simple elegance of the colors has a very Swedish feel about it. You’re right that it’s very modern furnishings, but somehow they fit right in with the naked brickwork perfectly!

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