our new home: kitchen

I have been promising to show you our new home. The renovation was long and stressful (as most renovations) but we are very happy with the result. We still have to do a lot of small things, which we will do over time. Today I would like to give you a peek into our kitchen.
We have an open plan kitchen and living room with a gorgeous view on the countryside. A lot of the accessories are from my shop Le Souk. For example, that beautiful large copper teapot (from Turkey) is available here.

More images of the rest of the house will follow in the coming weeks!

(images Β© Danielle de Lange / the style files)

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  • Stunning kitchen! Is the floor and the bar stools the same kind of wood, either way – what is it called, and how is the wood treated?

  • my goodness! what a treat! thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful new kitchen. it looks so serene and peaceful. (the view sounds lovely)!

  • Wow this is beautiful! (I could just copy and paste from all comments above – it would express excactly how I feel about these photos… πŸ™‚ )

  • I love when a neutral palette is done right. Nice work.

    What are your countertops made of, and where did you get those fantastic stools?

  • Your kitchen is fantastic. I love your choice of materials and also those bar stools look great. I am impressed and very curious to see more pictures.

  • It’s lovely…

    but you don’t cook much, do you???

    My first thought was, Where do you keep all the food, the dishes, the pots and pans???

    I wish I could have such a compact kitchen as yours, but with so little shelf and cupboard space my husband would quickly overrun the counter tops with cooking implements!!!

    Then again, I should probably just be quiet and be happy he cooks at all πŸ™‚

  • Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Here some more information which hopefully answers your questions:

    The wooden floors are made from oak. They are treated with oil (with white pigments). I found the bar stools in a store in Amsterdam. We had been searching for while and could not find the right chairs but then we found these! They are made from oak as well.

    The countertop is made from engineered stone. This material is more durable than concrete (which stains easily). The grey colour make it look like concrete.

    We do cook a lot actually. Although we don’t have high cupboards, we do have plenty of shelving. Also, we have a large cupboard in our hallway where we can store lots of stuff.

    I will be posting more photos in the coming weeks!

  • this is such a gorgeous mix of high tec, earthy and zen. Congratulation from one kitchen remodel survivor to another.

  • Congratulations Danielle! It’s stunning! The benchtops are incredible. And lovely that you don’t have to go far from the stovetop to the sink. I tend to leave dripping pasta water all over our kitchen floor!

  • Completely fantastic. The shelves are great, and the mix of white, grey and wood is really appealing. Seriously functional and inviting at the same time.

  • danielle, it’s perfect! i’ve been dying to see your place and so far, it’s pretty much how i imagined it to be. can’t wait to see more! x

  • I think your kitchen is stunning! Very simple clean lines and yet, you will never tire of it. Wishing you lots of fun creating many good meals from your kitchen.