rustic table

I love tables made from rustic wood like the table in the image above. I have a dinner table that is made from old wood (over 100 years) that has been found in old houses in Bosnia. The houses were destroyed in the war and now wood from doors etc from these houses are used to make furniture. I finally have made some pictures from our new home. I will give you a peek in the next days so you can see my beautiful table!

(image from Grant White Design)

6 Responses to rustic table

  1. lovely. can’t wait to see more!

  2. ooh I can’t wait!!!!!

  3. We’re resilient, aren’t we? The thought that from war and destruction, we’ll salvage what if left and rebuild. Something.

  4. i love beautiful things with a great story behind them.. would be nice to see your table:)

  5. So lovely … would love to have something like this. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  6. I will show some pics of our new home soon!

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