clustered lights made from teacups

Domestic Construction is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in alternative surfaces, interiors, environments and one of a kind fashion and home products. These clustered lights made from teacups can be custom ordered. Check out Domestic Construction’s website and/or Etsy shop!

5 Responses to clustered lights made from teacups

  1. I like it but I do not dare to use it in my kitchen but I am very tempted!

  2. The ultimate in recycling! I love this. I’m working on a custom light for my room at the Breast Cancer Showhouse in Milwaukee.

  3. I love the teacup lamps. Nostalgic but modern.

  4. This is a shameless copy of Mailin Lundmarks porcelain based lamp designs-

    This is not at all creative, it is piracy.

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