ceramik b

Ceramicist Basma Osama lives and works in Montreal, Canada. First known for her small series of handbuilt pieces, she has been devoting her time since 2006 to setting up Ceramik B., her studio for conception and production for porcelain tableware. Visit Ceramik B’s website to see her handcrafted and exclusive objects.

About the pieces: “Inspired by organic silhouettes, the pieces carry an invitation. Their shape and texture naturally find their way to the hand. Each piece is conceived to be a statement by itself and yet to smoothly mix with other pieces to make a color contrast or to complement the shape and the function. The colors are thought in such a way to enhance the lines without overriding them and to allow the pieces to adapt easily to any environment.”

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  • Beautiful work. Some of the shapes remind me of Mud Australia’s collection (another favourite!). I love the soothing palette and organic lines!

    I just love those plates and when I went to the website to see where I can get them – the only shops are in Canada and San Francisco.
    This happens all the time. You present so many cool stuff and I never get a chance to actually by them here in Central Europe. **pout**
    No, but really, I just love this blog and love to get inspired by all your findings and pictures!

  • Well Kitty, I would not want you to pout…
    I can ship to central europe if there is something you like to have…
    Please don’t hesitate to write…
    Ceramik b.