panton’s plastic chair

What do you think of the Plastic Chair? I never know what to think of this chair (too plastic?) but I do love them in this interior! Some background information: Danish designer Verner Panton spent many years thinking about how to produce a plastic chair moulded in one piece. Together with Vitra, he came up with the first prototypes in the 1960s and Panton Chair went into series production as of 1967. Unlike the cheaper Panton Chair Standard in solid plastic, Panton Chair Classic is made of rigid expanded plastic and has a lacquered surface.

(image by Emma Lee)

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  • They are iconic, and I think they look beautiful in this photo. The surrounding sets them perfectly and the scale of the table is good. Usually though, I think these chairs can look clunky and over-power spaces (especially when used in colors).

  • I agree with you all, the chairs are iconic but idon’t like them and i don’t like plastic furniture but they look good in this photo.

  • I think they look nice on pictures and beautiful interiors but I cannot imagine having this kind of chairs at home. Don’t know why !

  • agree, they do look good in this photo. But usually I don’t like them at all! I only like them in the child version but for children I found them too expensive haha.

  • It seems this chair is following me right now. I have just bought a mini version in yellow for my desk. I feel very inspired when I look at it but I could not imagine sitting on it for a couple of hours. One thing I can say is that it looks fantastic on photographs it is probabely the best chair to use for interior design pictures. It can complete a setting or give it the perfect twist.

  • In this application I love them. In red the chairs look like they should be in a preschool. It is funny how color changes the effect. Use Carefully!

  • I like the design, the way they are balanced out and don’t just fall over is amazing. but I agree with drollgirl, they are very plasticky and only look good in a huge room with high ceilings…

  • I already found out: it’s a George Nelson Bubble lamp, ball model.

    Never really liked the chairs btw, always though they look “drooly”…