a rustic kitchen

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I love this kitchen! It has a rustic charm but it still has a modern feel to it. This Victorian house located in Crouch End in London (UK). Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the house: every space is gorgeous! The old Aga stove is not only great for cooking but also gives a lot of warmth to the room.

9 Responses to a rustic kitchen

  1. Gorgeous! I love white spaces (not to mention gigantic kitchens).

  2. Oh, I suddenly want to whitewash EVERYTHING in the house. And then I remember that would make visible a sprinkling of black dog hair which is more present that I care to admit.

  3. Wow I love this kitchen!! I love the white color, the wooden worktop (wanted that but my bf thought it a bad idea), the white wooden floor, and those pendants!! I bought them in white from ikea (septim) but again my bf thought it a bad idea because he had to make 2 connecting points in the ceiling which he refused to do 🙁 so I bought a totally different pendant… still everytime i see similar pendants like these white once i still want them *blush*

  4. Wow! stunning! and to have a kitchen that huge! love it. x

  5. Great style, love the white and rustic theme!

  6. Beautiful , serene space!

  7. Im obsessed with that Kitchen! Love teh big sink and rustic island

  8. Nice and clean kitchen, great job!

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