duvet cover with bold print in lime

This duvet cover, designed by interior designer / tv host Linda Barker, is available in various bright colours. The big, bold asymmetrically placed print is great for a fantastic, contemporary look. Available from Victoria Linen.

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  1. Hmmm I like the duvet a lot, and the shams too, as individual pieces. But with the four shams AND the duvet, all using the same flower all in the bottom-left corner, it kind of undermines what the asymmetrical placement does for the piece. I wonder if this is how the designer intended it to be used? I think just plain green shams would look better.

  2. Very preety floral duvet cover set by Linda Barker. I like the ways this print has been used on the duvet set by the designer. the color is giving it a sobre look and calm feel!

  3. Linda, this is beautiful and stylish and will always be modern.

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