bamboo house near the great wall of china

At the foot of the Great Wall of China there are some ultra modern villas which can be rented. The most spectacular villa is the one designed by architect Kengo Kuma. The Japanese-inspired construction of bamboo and glass allows spectacular views of the Great Wall and the surrounding landscape.

The common parts of the house are connected through the principle of bamboo screens.

A contemporary Japanese tea house can be found in the outdoor area at the centre of the building. The equipment of the kitchen (image below) consists of a core module with integrated sink and cupboards made of white lacquered wood.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. that is just spectacular!

  2. This villa designed by architect Kengo Kuma, is simply a feast for the eyes.

    Views of the Great Wall and the surrounding landscape is like getting lost in another world.

  3. The Wall is truly magnificent! Just don’t visit on the coldest day in winter like I did. The only other visitors that day were 3 hardy Russians who already warmed up on vodka at 10 in the morning. Wish I could return to see the villas.

  4. This feels almost holy. The image with the lake view is magic.

  5. luv the mix of traditional chinese and modern architecture

  6. Great!
    Good article

  7. oooh…wow! I’m planing to make like this house,very refreshing..

  8. Cld u advise me as to the rate for the resort. Tks

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