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  • Hi 🙂

    Your blog is very inspiring! The photos are great! I give you the Kreativ Blogger Award 🙂

    (You can read more about it on my blog.. which is written in polish.. but I’m sure you will find the info in the internet.)

    Best regards!

  • I saw this a few months ago on Plastolux and I suppose I still feel the same – it’s a gorgeous home, impeccably designed, but definitely needs color (in the form of artwork, perhaps?). I do love the subtle differences in texture/pattern that help break up the monotony, otherwise this would be like living in a mausoleum!

  • Deliciously stark! I could definitely live in this as well. The photographer also did a great job.

  • hello,

    very beautiful black floor, thr whole view pictures an elegant feeling, very nice