more wall decorating ideas

In addition to this post and this post, here some more ideas for decorating your walls! If you would like to follow the modern trend for words and lettering to decorate a wall, be sure to mix and match different fonts, sizes and colours so that it won’t be boring.

Using multiples objects always makes a striking statement. In the image above rustic African woven baskets are used.

You can arrange old and new picture frames together to maximise their impact, and hang at unusual levels.

Give pieces a function and the finish won’t look contrived. These Kashmiri cut-work panels make an unusual headboard.

In the images above a wall is covered with a geometric, textured pattern to create interest in a white living room.

(images from Living Etc.)

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  1. I love them! Since yellow is suppose to be color for 2009, if definitely gives a splash of spring year round.
    With the photos, I especially love adding something new in with the old.
    Love your blog!

  2. I love the look of the wooden letters on the walls, and have been thinking of adding some on the walls of my son’s playroom. Any ideas where to find? I found some great over-sized zinc ones from Anthropologie, but they’re a little too $$.
    I adore your blog btw!

  3. Tag, you’re it! (find the instructions on my blog)

  4. Thanks Danielle for these fantastic and inspirational rooms! The headboard and frames featured in the images are really very eye catching. I love African art/design showcased in very stark, white rooms.

  5. Thanks for all your kind comments. I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my posts.

    Thanks for tagging me Emma! I was already tagged some time ago and revealed some ‘weird things’ about myself in this post:

  6. Just beautiful. Love these ideas!

  7. Danielle:

    These wall decorating ideas are fabulous. Hey your site is fabulous. Did you take these pictures yourself? They’re wonderful.

    I love the geometric textured wall pattern, the Kashmiri cutwork panels especially arranged in
    this attractive grouping and the African woven baskets are also an original touch.

    I have a site about wall decor so this was particularly interesting to me. Once again I love your pictures. I’d like to hire you as a photographer. I’m always looking for beautiful and interesting pictures and wall decor for my site.

    Good job. I’ll check back often.


  8. As far as being a novice to DIY projects I was wondering what type of material could be used for the geometric textured wall pattern. It’s lovely!

  9. Kashmiri cut-work panels – love them! What a lovely idea. And I love the blue bedspread. Where is it from?

  10. These wall decorating ideas are fabulous. it is very suit for hip and young generation

  11. Nice pattern. If combined with acoustic material inside, it will be perfect.

  12. beautiful pictures……………..

  13. All fantasctic ideas. Have to try them on some of my projects.

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