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  • There is such a debate about whether the white subway tiles are boring and over but this photo which I saved the second I saw it still inspires me and I was glad to see you had it up here too!

  • Can we learn more about where the cabinets are from? I’m planning a kitchen renovation one of these days and am loving this.

  • Wonderful mix! I love the simple shelf with all the decorative plates, cups and so on…
    And the white tiles are the best!! Looks like an old pharmacy or a metro station. So nice…

  • I’ve white tiles in our new kitchen, love them and glad with our choice. I think they are never over 😉
    Don’t like the Saarinen chairs that much though I prefer the Eames DWR 100 times more 🙂

  • I have tulip chairs but need to change the cushions. Where can I get some not-so-expensive leather-covered ones, like those shown in this gorgeous photo, do you think?