baskets as wall art

Isn’t this wall covered with baskets unusual and beautiful?! The image is from the portfolio of Stephan Falcke. His travels all around the world have inspired his designs. Stephen about what inspires him: “I derive a lot of my inspiration from nature and think of my style as a melting pot of various worldwide cultures.” On designing: “The trick is to build visual layers, just as one might do with a painting”.

(via Desire to Inspire)

7 Responses to baskets as wall art

  1. Fascinating!!! very crafty and organic.
    A very good installation.

  2. Great way to display a collection

  3. ABC HOME in NYC has this same installation up as a part of their AFRICA theme…

  4. I´m always in the marked for a new and different way to decorate my walls. Looks very nice!

  5. What an amazing idea — such an artistic statement! I have seen this done with plates, but never baskets!

  6. Fantastic, I love the texture and interest the baskets give this wall. Great idea.

  7. What an unique idea. No body think like that. I have no word to say just AMAZING

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