an oasis in marrakech

Today I take you on a trip to Marrakech, Morocco. It is here where riad Dar Amane (meaning “House of serenity”) welcomes its visitors in a setting which reinterprets the colors and Moroccan traditions with elegant simplicity and a charming tranquility. The house was in ruins when it was discovered but it has been beautifully restored according to traditional architecture. At the ground floor, an Arab door opens onto the patio. The cushions, in a palette of warm colors, brighten up the velvet mattress that are simply laid on timber.

The walls of the bathroom are coated with tadelakt. The copper fittings are simple and refined. You can create a Moroccan vibe in your bathroom by using copper hammam bowls and towels.

On the roof terrace, under a white Berber tent, a bench and poufs invite you to relax.
Mattresses, clothes of a washable fabric, are resting on a straw mat and trays are used as traditional tables

Also the walls of the kitchen are covered with tadelakt, which is a waterproof lime plaster. Its traditional application includes being polished with a river stone and treated with a soft soap to acquire its final appearance and water resistance.

On the bedroom wall a collection of traditional hats traditional gives some colour local.

You can see some ideas for creating a ‘Moroccan atmosphere’ in your home in last year’s post Moroccan Inspiration.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

8 Responses to an oasis in marrakech

  1. amazing atmosphere – I’d love to see what it looks like at night with lots of candles lit…

  2. Hi,

    We are going to Marrakech in May and have booked two amazing-looking riads. Riad Dar One and Riad Awa. I will be posting some yummy pics on my blog sometime this weekend..

    i can’t wait to go! I wish I could just hit all theses lovely riads!


  3. Really wonderful. The rich colors and clean lines…I love it all. thanks

  4. simply put, wow. That first photo is how I would picture a perfect living room: comfy & chic.

  5. Very nice. I particularly like this house’s pared down style. The tarboushes on the wall are a nice touch, I think!

  6. I like how the feeling of place (Morroco) if felt throughout but it’s not overwhelming. There is a sense of simplicity and warmth in the design

  7. There are so many gorgeous Riads in Marrakech. It is hard to choose where to stay!

    Jen, I will be visiting your blog to see the pics of the riads you will be staying in. Enjoy your trip to Marrakech!

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