view on the eiffel tower

This Paris apartment, located in an old bell-tower, has the most gorgeous view on the Eiffel tower. But it gets even better: the apartment has a 360 degree view on Paris.

Les Invalides, the Panthéon, the Notre-Dame, Montmartre, the Grand Palais and the Arc de Triomphe, all these landmarks can be seen from this beautiful home belonging to architect Monica Donati.

The cosy apartment is not very large (only 80m2) but it has every thing you need.

In the image below you can see that the place used to be a bell-tower. The mechanism of the old clock is still there and can be viewed from the 9m2 living room.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

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  • I like how she has cut out a little window in the clock-face so she can see. How fortunate she is to live there.

    Too bad her bedroom looks like a hospital operating room.

  • There was a film on air about this apartment on HGTV channel in Poland recently. I love this interior, this exterior and such possibility tu adapt the tower. . The fact that she is a proffesional architect helped her, of course. (She knew where to go and whom to ask for the permition to cut out a perfect square window in the clock face… 🙂 I’m under impres. 🙂