an 18th century house in the french basque country

I hope you all have had a great weekend! Here in The Netherlands it has been very cold and this weekend people were able to ice-skate as most lakes were frozen (this has not happened in 12 years!). It is estimated that 1 million people were skating this weekend. This is a lot if you consider that there are 16 million people living in The Netherlands!

Today’s post features images from an 18th century house located in the French Basque country.

The timber framed construction has been restored and turned into a high-end guesthouse with 5 rooms.

Modernity and tradition go hand in hand; in the architecture, the interior and the cuisine.

9 Responses to an 18th century house in the french basque country

  1. Who did the project? Do you have any links or names?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Great! This is the house I want. I would furnish it differently but…

  3. Wow, this is a cool house…not one bit outdated!

  4. Love the earthy textures and unique shapes that were implemented in this house. Provides a warm welcoming feeling.

  5. the structures and color are well-blend.I love it!

  6. Inspiring blend of old architecture and timeless minimalism.

  7. love the place but what exactly happened with the tile in the entryway there?

  8. It was very gratifying to get this blog, we are designing a French Provencal-style shop and we came here, our greetings from Venezuela, I hope we can give suggestions, Thanks!

  9. hello can you please let me know were this guesthouse is please and who did the work. I am very interested as the style is exactly what I am looking for in regards of a project we are hoping to build in either the basque country or Galicia.
    WOuld be great to have more details and to be able to visit the guest house.
    THank you

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