happy new year!

The Style Files is back in the air! My apologies to all that could not reach The Style Files. Around a week ago Dreamhost decided to shut down this blog as the traffic was getting too high and it was taking too much memory on their server. I felt so frustrated and irritated that I almost decided to stop with The Style Files. But after some deliberation I decided to give it another try.. I am now on a private server so hopefully all the problems belong to the past! Now my absence has been explained I want to wish you all a very happy 2009!

I start the new year with these gorgeous images from the portfolio of Jannicke Krakvik and Alessandro D’Orazio. The two stylists are from Oslo, Norway and have worked for various magazines such as ELLE Interior Norway.

Jannicke and Alessandro combine Scandinavian design with ethnic elements. I just love their style, it is very similar to mine.

(images from krakvikdorazio)

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