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It has been a hectic week! Last week we moved to our new home. The house is still being renovated so we will be living in a mess for the next 6 weeks. The first night we did not have hot water and heating but luckily this has been fixed. We still have no internet access but hopefully this will be fixed by next weekend.

Today some interior inspiration. I love this house! All the rooms are very spacious and beautiful decorated. Isn’t that dining room gorgeous?!

(images from Chirstine Lane interiors)

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  • Good luck with the move…will be so nice when you are settled in..This house is so beautiful, I am going to add to my favorites, love how open and simple it feels..and the chalkboard wall in the kitchen is a love.

  • Oh my goodness! I love it – everything about it is just perfect. I especially adore the open and airy living/dining room area. Best of luck with the rest of the renovations!

  • I love the bedroom. But aren’t the pendants over the dining table a little giant? Maybe it’s just the angle of the photo. But I like the idea.

    Good luck with the move.

  • I absolutely love the dining room with the white chairs. But I cannot get enough of that simple yet bold #5. Where is this art/poster from?

  • i believe this home was featured in elle decor this past year. i know because i ripped the entire set of pages out – so well done.

  • I love the #5 too! What about the horse photo in the bedroom. Stunning.
    Does anyone know anything about it?

  • I too have admired this house before. I especially like the subway sign behind the little girl drawing on the chalkboard. I’ve seen these in other houses, too. Anyone know anything about them? Where to find them?

  • Thank you all for your sweet comments!

    Yes, moving to another house in a nightmare. Especially if the house you move into is not ready yet. All my belongings are stored in boxes and I can’t find the things I need..

    Thanks Coco for the link to the source of the photos!

  • Good luck !
    The worst is the smell of paint, hope you get all done before xmas!!
    (same situation here…)

    I LOVE and MUST HAVE this sliding door!! YES ! It is a MAGNETIC chalkboard! super.