lisa perry’s ny loft

Fashion designer Lisa Perry is known for her bright colored and retro style fashion and accessories. You can see this signature style also in the interior design of her apartment in New York.

This loft is a mix of sixties fashion with Pop Art and vintage furniture. It is obvious that Lisa Perry is a Pop Art collector!

I love the artwork in this apartment and isn’t that large rug stunning?

This gorgeous loft has been featured in New York Apartments.

15 Responses to lisa perry’s ny loft

  1. I absolutely LOVE this space!!

  2. This is absoulutely gorgeous! One thought though, how does she watch tv behind the sofa???

  3. What a perfect space. Love it! Simple and fun at the same time.

  4. how wonderful is that space? love it!

  5. That couch throws everything off. That saggy unkempt look? ick.

  6. wat een gafe fotos , ik kon dit jaar zelf ook niet gaan dus ben blij met dit soort plaatjes. Over een paar maanden kunnen we alsnog het VT wonen huis in t blad bewonderen.

  7. i know i’ve seen that grid bookshelf somewhere (the one in the last photo) but i can’t remember where. anyone know where to look?

  8. Love those sheets too.

  9. Ali: It sort of looks like the IKEA Norrebo shelves. Oh wait, checked, it’s not it, but still a possible affordable open shelving solution!

  10. That apartment is so spacious. I love the little colour accents she has throughout.

  11. Love it with the sagging sofa and all 🙂
    But the comment about the TV is valid, how does she watch TV??

  12. Perhaps there is another photo in front of the tv that we don’t see on the photo?

  13. if you want some of her home stuff go to her website

  14. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to even sit in such a beutiful place

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