renovated old farm in france

This medieval farmhouse stand in Perigord, which is in the Dordogne region in France. The old farm building is renovated in a authentic way and two new, wooden pavilions are built in the garden.

The kitchen (image above and below) is rustic and inviting. The Aga cooker (top image) fits perfectly in this space.

The owners have succeeded in modernising the building, by adding modern comforts such as central heating, but at the same time keeping the authentic charm of the building.

The modern painting does not look out of place at all.

Aren’t those beamed ceilings stunning?

A wooden wall divides the bedroom and bathroom.

Behind the wooden wall there is a gorgeous, freestanding bathtub.

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  1. Not only the beamed ceiling but the pebbled floor is also amazing! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Fresh and beautiful!
    I read it in goggle reader and when I sow it my mood light up!

  3. Oooh God! I adore this style: rustic and modern combination. So perfect!

  4. the stone floor is amazing. love this!

  5. that floor! wow! think of the work that went into that floor. stunning. i love your sense of style. thanks for sharing!

  6. You always find the most incredible inspiration images!

  7. Love the flooring used here.


  8. Wow, I’d like to move into the third photo, please!

  9. This is totally amazing!
    Pity this farmhouse isn’t mine!

  10. Esta es una buena remodelacion, la intervencion es sutil, como los tonos de los muros y las maderas, el detalle especial es el pavimento de cantos, la hace especial, y sobre todo deja que el lugar hable por si mismo

  11. Yep. Love the floor! It’s not for sale by any chance, is it ?

  12. Wow, beautiful. Looks like the perfect vacation/getaway home 🙂

  13. wow I love this house! love the floors and beams.

  14. I love France even more after seeing this farm house…it is the fantastic combination old rustic and very modern at the same time. Fab!

  15. The floors are amazing!

  16. The stone floor is fabulous. But no heels allowed!

  17. Simply stunning. The flooring and use of such beautiful stonework and woodwork throughout makes this such an inviting home.

  18. This is absolutely fantastic. They did a really great job of blending the old with the new. Perfect and very inspiring! Thanks for posting this!

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