a beautiful danish home

I love the natural tones that have been used in this Danish home (images are from Bo Bedre magazine, via emmas designblogg & spagat blog).

The owners have mixed vintage furniture with modern pieces. Below you can find some of the items that have been used for the interior design of this gorgeous house.

Clockwise, starting at the left: Santa & Cole’s Tripode table lamp, black Twiggy floor lamp by Marc Sadler for Foscarini, hand-carved wooden stool/table with square legs, Holmegaard vase designed by Maria Kariis, Shell Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner.

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  1. I love this house. The color theme is really simple but the wood make it warm enough.

  2. This is such a beautiful home!! Thank you! I particularly love the fireplace and the kitchen, but all of it is gorgeous.

  3. Simple and clean home. For the rich.

  4. For the rich indeed, but there are touches that you could recreate yourself – the tones, the sheepskin rug, the furniture style

  5. And beautiful it is! I really like the contrast of the clean white walls against the black accents, and the raw wood just brings it all together! The color palette is really nice!!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Love this home! Those danes, they certainly know what they’re doing.

    Happy Weekend
    Mia, Sweden

  7. Beautiful
    Thank you for posting it.
    Sometimes you see pictures of homes you can just move into, this is one of them.

  8. Thanks for all your comments! There are certainly some expensive pieces in this house but I think you could recreate the same look with more affordable furniture.

  9. “In light of the uncertain residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and design projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than new construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to focus on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these challenging economic times,” said ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.

    And hyperlink this release – http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/asid-weighs-value-design-tough/story.aspx?guid=%7BF3959918-3BA5-4376-9A36-5889F33ECF81%7D&dist=hppr

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