bedrooms with a touch of colour

Today’s bedroom post features bedrooms with a touch of colour. The bed head in the image above is made from silk and brings a boost of colour to the room. Isn’t that one gorgeous bed?!

Oversized buttons and a giant crochet bedspread play with scale in a pared-down setting, while flashes of scarlet and gold turn up the heat. A vintage painting adds a touch of humour and colour to the scheme (image above).

The pink bed adds colour to the room but the soft pastel color also creates a calm atmosphere.

I love the duvet cover with red embroidered flowers in the photo above. The bench doubles as a colorful bed head and useful storage surface.

(images from Living Etc)

6 Responses to bedrooms with a touch of colour

  1. I’l take the top one. You’d be loving all the French houses I’m staying in right now. Shooting plenty!

  2. I love that gorgeous yellow and white bed. And I also adore that red embroidered flowers! So beautiful! I’m in love!

  3. Love the look of the silky pendant hanging over the bed!

  4. Woah! I love that pink bed.

  5. Wow!. What a Bedrooms…. Just Loving it 🙂

  6. They are really Beautiful and Attractive.

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