The unique designs of Zaishu have already won many awards. No wonder that this slot-together seat / small table is being sold in leading stores such as Liberty in London! I am very happy that Zaishu is now also available at Le Souk.

Decorated with unique designs by international artists, Zaishus are collectable artwork that also function as furniture. You can use it as a stool or (bedside) table. The hand-printed artwork on each piece is produced in collaboration with international artists and designers, and combines cultural creativity with eco design.

Designed and made in Australia from native plantation pine, each Zaishu is hand painted or printed using water-based inks and varnish. The Zaishus are shipped flat-packed and are very easy to assemble (within one minute!)

The various Zaishu designs are great to combine and to collect. The images above show how the Zaishus can be used. At the moment there are two different designs available at Le Souk. The Antique Kimono Zaishu features rare patterns from 16th century Edo period Japan. The Japanese Koi pattern symbolises love and friendship. Click here for more information about these Zaishus.

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