hotel mystique santorini, greece

It is a wet and grey day here in The Netherlands but today’s post will take you to blue skies and turquoise water! Santorini is my favorite of all the Greek Islands. Located on this gorgeous island is Hotel Mystique. This resort is situated on Oia’s famous cliffs and has dazzling views of clear blue equatorial waters, the volcano, and the Aegean Caldera.

The 18 suites and villas, spread across more than 2,000 square meter, are contemporary but decorated with respect towards the traditional design. All accommodations are lovingly handcrafted from wood, local stone, and glass with enticing patterns carved into the walls.

Click here for more information about Mystique.

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  • tell me about it! (the grey wet day here I mean). Not the nicest welcome home gift.
    This hotel looks incredible, let’s ditch this grey place and get ourselves to santorini, pronto!

  • it seems like someone hijacked your WP theme. view your sites source and the first div (id=_wp-footer, with display:none set) is full of spamy link ads.

    i’d probably remove that. google/other search engines won’t like that.

    anyway, nice hotel πŸ™‚

  • it looks like a modern Flintstones’ house, the entire place is an interest-booster. Wet and grey day? How comes, the sun is shining in the picture…just kidding…nice photos..


    – – – – – – –
    Your life deserves a place like this.

  • Oh girl! I just love to browsw through your blog, I got so much inspiration now that we are building our summer-house. I dream of a small but perfect vaccation paradise and I got so much inspiration here. I saved a LOT af pictures in my virtual planning map.

    Thank you!