meet & greet in amsterdam

Holly from decor8 has organised a bloggers and readers meet & greet in Amsterdam this Friday (5th September). I will be there as well and you are very welcome to join us at De Kroon on Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam at 20:00 (8 PM). We will be having drinks and perhaps something to eat while we all get to know each other. More information about De Kroon can be found here. Little cards will be on our tables that say “decor8 meet & greet” so you will know who and where we are. Let me or Holly know if you are planning to join us!

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  • I woul love going to that meeting, I have so much to ask you, i love so muvh blogging and I have started to thinking what is the next step.
    Danielle, love your post about kitchens !

  • my goodness danielle… i wish i could have been in town for that meet up! must have been wonderful to put a face to all of the amazing personalities/talents out there.. hope the turnout was a success and that you all had an amazing time!!

    also.. if you have any advice on where to start looking for ANY job in the brussels area it would be great… andrea and i are looking to relocate and any pushes/hints are more than welcome!!!
    take care


  • Karina, perhaps we can meet at a blogger meeting somewhere else in the world!

    The bloggers meet up in Amsterdam was great: there were around 25 people from The Netherlands, US, Sweden and Germany. A lovely mix of people!

    Jonathan, Unfortunately I don’t know much about finding jobs in Brussels. Although Brussels is only 2 hours away, it is in a different country. Belgium has different laws etc then here in The Netherlands. The Internet is of course a great source for finding jobs. There are a lot of sites (like Monsterboard,, offering jobs. If you google ‘jobs in Brussels’ you get various helpful sites. I would recommend finding a job first before moving there because Brussels is quite an expensive city. There is not a lot more that I can tell you; I have only been in Brussels once….. Good luck with finding a job and relocating. These are exciting times for you!

  • Hi Ladies,
    I wish I could have been there. Although I am really not into crafts. I am so passionate about design and working with plants etc. and I love seeing all the fabulous things being made by others.

    Johnathan, I think there is a website called : ?? One of the other ways you may go about your job search is check U.S. companies. Many of them have int’l offices throughout that area and you may be able to get employed by one of the companies via the US but be able to live and work in Europe.

    While visiting Amsterdam and Belgium several years ago. I fell in love with both places. I would have done anything to be able to stay there and live and work.

  • So very jealous! Some of my favorite bloggers in my absolute favorite city – and the home of my people! (i’m dutch) I hope it was a wonderful time.