blackboard walls

Creating a blackboard wall in your kitchen (or any other room) is very easy! Most paint manufacturers have chalkboard paint in their collection. Here in The Netherlands Flexa has chalkboard paint in their VT Wonen collection. In the US you can find chalkboard paint at Benjamin Moore.

You can paint an entire wall (see top image) or just a door (image above) or part of a wall.

If you don’t want too much black in your home, you can also use chalkboard paint in another color. I know that Flexa has also other colors than black in their chalkboard paint collection. You can use for instance white chalkboard paint and then write on it with brown crayons.

If you don’t want to paint your walls with chalkboard paint you can also use a large schoolroom blackboard.

(images from Christine Lane Interiors, Living Etc, VT Wonen & Marie Claire Maison)

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