more interior inspiration from the uk

Today another wonderful London home! This pretty house has a large kitchen with daylight coming through the window in the roof.

I love the use of greys and browns that have been used through the entire house. Gorgeous bedroom!

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  1. this is soo lovely! i’m in love with the bedroom.

  2. LOVE the greys and browns! so modern, yet warm…

  3. LOVE this space! Love the grey tones and vintage feel, Having a dining room/kitchen works so well, especially having a couch in it too – makes for great socialising in the kitchen.

  4. What an awesome home…especially the linens and white. I also like the fact that it looks like someone lives there!

  5. OMG that is my dream bed!!!

  6. Oh wow, this is the location where some of my book was photographed! Its a stunning house, and is very much lived in.
    You can see that beautiful screen here:

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