grey, white & silver in vt wonen

I love the styling of this article that appeared in n this month’s issue of Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen. The combination of white, grey and silver is gorgeous. I was happy to see that some of the products featured in the article are also available at Le Souk. For example the white leather Moroccan poof with embroidery, the leather poof in silver, and the silver Morocan tray.

(images from VT Wonen)

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  1. I love it too. I really like this style.


  2. This is a great style….nice mix of modern and global.

    I am wondering though about the crocheted(?) cover on the stool. I couldn’t read the writing, and that’s not really crochet. What is it. It’s lovely and a great looking piece of handwork!

  3. Moira Burnham

    any idea where to get the white pouf with the birch legs???

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